For Parents

“What is essential is to observe. Get to know your child.” Dr Emmi Pikler

The years you spend nurturing your children will be one of the most significant legacies you contribute during your lifetime. To connect with a healthy secure relationship between the child and parent can be challenging as well as joyful and rewarding.

But what does this mean in the everyday reality?

Magic Child guides parents to support successful practices around aspects of care that will grow your awareness to know and have trust in your child. To meet your child where they are at and see your child as a whole person, in their own right. To support and respect the child’s emotional and social needs right from the beginning.

“My goal is to listen, observe and support to enhance your skills and competencies when you are with infants and toddlers. To support you to create a safe, pleasurable and trusting relationship with the children in your care.” – Sharon Smith, Principal

Magic Child Consultancy – Parents

  • One on one consultancy support
  • RIE® Certified Parent and Infant Guidance Classes
  • Before Baby™
  • Nurturing Nanny™

RIE® Certified Parent-Infant Guidance™Classes