Early Childhood Professionals

“When you hold an infant, hold him not just with your body, but with your mind and heart.”

Magda Gerber

In order to embrace the child as suggested above, the quality of an early childhood service will have at its heart an environment with a focus on small groups of children with a key person to whom the child can learn to trust and relate with around their primary needs. The environment is one that focuses on the child and the developing relationships, one that creates the time and space for the child to initiate their own learning, of calmness and peacefulness and giving attention with authentic presence and without distractions. There will be an acknowledgement of this critical time in early childhood programs to advocate and facilitate quality practice where there is a true focus on the care provided for infants and toddlers.

Whether you are a parent, an early childhood professional or carer, your awareness of providing an environment with quality care can have a significant impact on their sense of self and their ongoing capability to contribute as individuals in a community. 


According to Sharon, being open and flexible in learning to observe and appreciate the baby or toddler in your care, is an amazing and interesting experience, and while challenges will occur, it will also prove tremendously rewarding for the child and the adult. This consultancy advocates the practice of learning to become observant to the cues of very young children to provide emotionally responsive attention and recognise their competency in free play. The approach supports strategies to foster healthy patterns of relating, that will continue with the child in life. 


A passionate advocate that “we are the role models for the children in our care” Sharon’s consultancy and mentoring of early childhood professionals provides evidence of her respectful and mindful approach at work. Magic Child encourages a positive feedback loop and works to promote a virtuous cycle for relationships with children and adults, both in groups or teams and in a one-to-one setting. 

As the Principal of Magic Child, Sharon offers a wide variety of services for parents and professionals, including:

Magic Child Consultancy – Early Childhood

  • Consulting services and support for early childhood programs around Magda Gerber’s Educaring® Approach and the Piklerian Approach:
    • Introductory workshops for infant teams, toddler teams and whole centre workshops.
    • Ongoing specifically tailored projects
    • Observation and feedback
    • One on one support
  • Mentoring
    • Supporting leadership transitions
    • Individual teacher/educator support
  • Workshops, seminars and in-service training
    • Infant and Toddler Concepts of Care Workshops
        • Group Care – more than just routine
        • Exploring Primary Caregiving and Continuity of Care
        • Environments for Group Care
        • Individualised Care and Small Groups
        • Understanding Children and Supporting infants and toddlers
        • Temperament: A Practical Approach to meeting individual needs
        • Social-Emotional Milestones and Responsive Caregiving
        • Brain development in Infants and Toddlers
        • Language development and communication
        • Acknowledge, Ask, Adapt
        • Protective Urges: Parent and Teacher relations

RIE® Certified programs